A Feeling Of Urgency

11/5/2016 8:36:10 AM

It’s 2AM and I can’t sleep.  I just copied and pasted two blogs on my Facebook page that I wrote a few years ago about "The illegal wildlife trade "and "the debate over climate change".As I was reading them it struck me that nothing has changed, well yes some agreements were adopted (Paris 2015) .... but apart from that, have we changed? Have our leaders changed? Seriously? ... I do not think so.

Yesterday I watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie " Before the flood"  capturing the dramatic changes our planet is facing due to "men  activity" and it profoundly moved me.  I ask you all to please take the time to watch it. It cannot be more clearer and I still do not understand that our elected officials around the world still have not taken the drastic measures that would be necessary to try and stop ( because reverting the damage done is sadly too late) the destruction of our planet.Yes, I know, the Earth experienced past climate change without the help from humanity. Models show past ice ages and periods even warmer than today, it is true, but in the last century alone the temperature has risen ten times faster than the average rate of ice- age recovery warming. NASA Earth observatory written by H Rebekah in 2010.

It is predicted that our planets temperatures will rise from 2 to 6 degrees in the next century. When global warming happened various times in the last 2 million years it took the planet 5000 years to warm 5 degrees, today the predicted rate is approximatively twenty times faster... can you imagine? I hope you can .... because only then will things can change .... or have we past the point of no return?

Nous avons besoin des océans , des rivières , des terres , des forêts , des animaux qui peuplent notre planète pour vivre , je ne veux pas devoir survivre dans un paradis devenu enfer , et vous?

With love & on & on & on
Sylvia G