Cows, Milk And Chocolate

10/31/2014 11:40:54 AM

I am a vegetarian but not a vegan.

Since I was a teenager I have been a vegetarian.  At first it was not because I loved animals, I mean I loved animals as far back as I can remember. At age 4, I had a bunch of baby lions sleeping on my bed, 2 chimpanzees and other exotic creatures running around me as well as dogs and rabbits. In case you wonder the rabbits died of old age. At that time I did not understand or think that eating meat or not had anything to do with loving animals.

The reason I became a vegetarian was because as a kid I had to have a piece of meat everyday and I still remember these endless hours in front of my plate trying to find a way out hoping that piece of meat would vanish or run away if I concentrated hard enough, obviously it never happened. Today it is a different matter. I am glad to be a vegetarian. When I see the way animals are they are killed, when I hear how domestic livestock are being slaughtered or cows being stunned unable to walk to their deaths, hoisted up by their legs onto conveyor belts, even if the animal is still alive...I could never eat meat again but I do not judge those that do.

I do not think that I could become a vegan though, drinking milk or eating eggs  occasionally does not bother me. I was raised on milk and yogurts .There was a farm next to my house up in the Swiss mountains. The cows lived (they still do today) in the fields and in the high mountain pasture in summer and would only return late September. I would have fresh warm milk almost everyday from, believe me, very happy cows. We also used to have fresh eggs once a week from the farmers chickens that were running free all day long in the fields on the hills around my house, on my door step, and in front of my dog's nose who could not care less. So definitively no no... I could not become a vegan for the simple reason that I love chocolate and that there is nothing nicer than a hot chocolate drink with crème chantilly on a stormy snowy day when it is freezing outside.

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