11/12/2016 11:13:09 AM

On November 8, 2016 you voted and made a choice.

I am not American but I love your country, I love what you represent the chance you offer to anyone who is willing to work hard and  believe their dreams. 

I am Swiss, my countries identity is rooted In a common historical background and shared values and a linguistic diversity. Switzerland was founded on August 1, 1291. We fought wars against the French that conquered us in 1798 and we resisted the occupation. When war broke out between France and its rivals, Russian and Austrian forces invaded Switzerland. The Swiss refused to fight alongside the French. In 1803 a pact largely restored Swiss Autonomy and in1815 the Congress of Vienna fully reestablished Swiss independence and the countries neutrality. 

Just as America, we fought for our rights.

The United States is a prominent cultural and political force around the world and a leader in so many fields and the creation of your country is at the image of what you are today, a mixity of ethnic groups and religions that work and live together and that is what makes America. 

Paleo-Indians migrated to what is America today, from Asia 15,000 years ago and Europe colonization began in the 16th century. After Spain sent Columbus on his first voyage to "the new world", the Spanish set up small settlements in New Mexico and Florida. France as well had settlements along the Mississippi River. You emerged from 13 British colonies along the East coast. On July 4,1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted,"Humanity is created equal" and your current constitution adopted in 1781. Differences of opinion, social orders between the North and the South especially regarding black slavery led to the American Civil War. Then came Abraham Lincoln, the first anti -slavery president. In 1865, following the Union victory three amendments were added to your constitution, the prohibition of slavery, the citizenship for 4 million African Americans and the right to vote. War remains the deadliest military conflict in American history with approximately 700,000 deaths .... wasn’t this enough?

And this morning as I was reading the article on Huffington Post, I saw the picture of this awful cross on a white wall somewhere in America, that brings us back to the Second World War, when this cross filled the streets of Germany of Europe.
It is a return to hatred, to bigotism, due to the prejudice of some... that brings your country centuries back to a place you, we do not want it to be ... to go.

I said in a previous post that Mr. Donald Trump must be given the benefit of the doubt, I still believe what I said, but he MUST become the president of all Americans and stop the crisis of extremism that has shown up in America, in a part of the community that is radicalized uneducated and intolerant. He is now responsible for the road your country will take, hopefully with justice and liberty for all.

History has shown that racisms and hatred never end well, we are all concerned.
Sylvia G