My Dog Lester

2/16/2015 12:09:24 PM

I't's been almost 2 weeks that Lester died. He was my friend, my little pooch, my love. He traveled around the world with me, shared my life my pains and my joys. A few years ago as I was going through a rough time he never left my side and for a few weeks even lost the hair around his neck as he took my stress I guess. He was a little 3 pound chihuahua but thought he was a lion. He was never afraid, had a real temper, showed his teeth when he would not travel with me when I d have to leave him home, and for the last 11 years every night as I'd give him a kiss goodnight on his round head and say "good night Lester" he would growl at me. We had "this thing" you know my  dog and I.

When we traveled to America he would sleep the whole way through snoring during half of the flight. I would be asked "do you give something?" No, I never did. He was just the best traveller! He would hide in the bottom of my hand bag when I told him "Lester hide" when I sometimes took him with me in restaurants in the U.S. ( I know .. It's not allowed) I am sure he knew that otherwise he would have to stay in my hotel room Europe it was easy as dogs are allowed in restaurants. When I was recording he would lie next to me or on the couch with his pink earplugs not a care in the world... yes .... I  know .... Pink.  He traveled with me to Rio Bresil and to so many other places he loved lying on the sandy beach under an umbrella he loved being on a boat and when was wet he looked like a white rat. People always wanted to touch him he was a real charmer I think he liked all the attention but when he was in my handbag he became a tiger. Lester was the best anti pickpocket "Alarm" I guess.

I miss my dog every day. The emptiness is hard. I still see him running up the stairs rushing in the kitchen when hearing the magic word " food, stealing my german shepherd's food. She was terrified of him ...mad! I miss not having Lester sleep, lying on my bathrobe, in my bathroom. I miss Lester not sleeping between my feet under the blanket anymore.  I have cried so much these last few days I could not have written this blog before, I tried but the words just would not come.

If there is a doggy paradise, I know that my pooch is there. His little heart free of pain .
Lester, you made me a better person. You showed me what unconditional love is and your memory in my heart will never die. Thank you for having been by my side all these years I will never forget you.
Be happy my dog.