Pope Francis

6/22/2015 11:44:28 AM

Laudato Si

I have just read an article over the uproar on Pope Francis document on the environment and the threat of climate change called “Laudato Si” or “Praise be to you on care for our common home”. Our planet has become an immense trash can, yet we do nothing. The relation between humanity and our planet has been broken, why can't we understand that more is not more?

Humans have caused environmental degradation since the industrial evolution started at a pace never seen before since Earths creation.  Our seas our oceans our forests are dying our wildlife disappearing yet we do nothing.

Industrialists and politicians are fuming at the release of his encyclical document  “the pope should stick to religion” yet what do these gentlemen do?
I am a fervent admire of this holy man of his spirituality, inspired by the life of St Francis of Assisi whose name the pope adopted. At the speed we are destroying things I believe that there is sadly not much time left for human kind to realize that we are all connected to each other and to our planet.

This  rupture as the pope calls it in his Encyclical release“ is a sin against the environment” an ecological sin. I hope that his message will be heard and followed.

With love & on & on & on