The Climate Debate Change Is Long Over

12/15/2014 10:15:35 AM

"The Climate Debate Change Is Long Over And There Is Nothing We Can Do"

I just saw a scene from " The News Room" series on HBO. It is sadly so true to look around and see that we are getting to this point. We have... we are destroying our planet and all of it's living creatures. We have been told repeatedly 30, 20  and 10 years ago that we must stop polluting. We were told that there will be consequences, that we must stop our selfish and greedy behavior before it gets to a point of no return. So what have we done? Pollute even more!

Are we on the brink of extinction? I do not know, but we have certainly taken a first class ticket to what resembles a quick way to hell...

The problem with humans, is that the majority are only interested in what happens on their footstep or in their village, Okay let's go as far as their city. Beyond that ... Who cares... Sure what happens in the world is terrible ...but it's not happening "to me" ... So basically, who cares, as long as "I'm fine", as long as "I make money", who cares that rivers are polluted, that the ice is melting, that wild life is disappearing, that our planet is sick...sick of us.

Leaders of the wealthiest countries are not even capable of signing the Kyoto agreement. Have they never thought that it would have been the right thing to do? Are they that blinded by the power of money, of always wanting more, that they do not get that everything is connected, that we are all connected? We are connected because we share the same planet, the same air, the same water and oxygen.

Do you seriously believe that borders will change anything ....that what happens in Asia will stay in Asia, or in Africa, or in Europe or in America? If tomorrow there are no more forests there will be droughts, fires, food shortages & millions of people dying. Revolutions and wars that if the ice continues to melt at its present speeds there will be floods in a way we can't even imagine ...what will borders be of use then? It will be too late if it isn't already...

I saw a trailer for the movie "Interstellar" a few days ago. Now let me see If I get this right, let me get this into context ..... Humans find another another planet to save humankind ...from  the effects of humankind ...what do you think they will do with that new planet? Their last achievement was to destroy the previous planet  "Earth" do you think they would do better with this one? Sadly history shows that we forget, that we do not learn from our mistakes, our memory span is very short... As soon as things get better we start again and take the same path that let us to chaos.

It can be seen over the centuries, open any history book, have we learned anything? We still fight, we still kill, over religion, greed, envy & lust. Look at the economy, look at our personal lives, have we learned? Will we ever learn? I mean really learn and change? Mars actually could be the example of what our planet is going to look like...Apparently there was life on that planet before. Wouldn't that be a great scenario! Mars was similar to our a Earth light years ago than men came... destroyed it ...and looked for another planet ... Hey I need another pair of shoes.

Bon ...because I am an optimist. I still wish for a miracle, but it needs to come fast. When it will be too late nothing will make a difference anymore will be over.
Do we really so not care to let that happen?

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