This was a very entertaining YA fantasy novel. The physical descriptions of place and scene were absolutely beautiful, and the story was very well paced for this intro novel. I loved the way the author deftly wove in various mythologies and interrelated storylines for different characters.

Norwood Kegan

Unbelievable world and character building in this book! It captures your attention from page one and doesn't let you go until you flip the last. Don't recommend it unless you can put your life on pause until you finish reading Ela Green!

Books Shelf

Ela Green and the Kingdom of Abud by Sylvia Greif is a wonderful adventure. The book is nicely written, the characters are fantastic. I loved the storyline and all the worldbuilding and the magic. I look forward to the next in the trilogy. I recommend it!

Sonam Shukla

The plot is unique and interesting, and the narration and storytelling are also pretty impressive. The characters are well-built and the language used is very simple to understand. I think this book is gonna be loved by teenagers and adults both. Thumbs up from my side. IT WAS A WONDERFUL FICTION!

VA Fernz

This fantasy fiction novel really brings out a lot of lessons to everyone, especially to children. It also taught us about the history and Egyptian myths. Above all, it taught us how to take good care of our nature just like how we take care of ourselves. We are the reason why our environment is hastily ruined.

Wallace Glen

This is book is "living" proof, that there are still good YA fantasy works out there, that are not a rip off of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or whatever else. Mrs. Greif, please publish more!!!

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